About us

We can show you Russia and you will like it!

What kind of company would you like to choose from a variety of travel agencies?

Of course, the one where you have "Friends". It's "Friends" you can fully rely on and be sure they will offer the best for you and your holiday.

With "Friends" you can forget about all the difficulties and completely trust them with your safety. And, of course, they will take care of you and appreciate your friendship. Do you want a journey that will bring you only pleasure and positive emotions? Rely on "Friends"!


The "Friends" travel company is a part of the group of companies "Spektr", which was founded in 1999 and has accumulated great experience, reliable communications with partners and customers' trust during its timework. We provide the whole range of services, which is aimed at reception of foreign tourists in our beautiful and unforgettable St. Petersburg as well as in the very heart of the country - the Moscow city, and of course all over across our large and so varied country: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok!


We will be glad to welcome our guests. And guests in Russia have been loved and accepted happily since the very ancient times: they are always shown the most outlandish sights and are treated to the most delicious dishes.



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